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solution placed into machineSpherix – an alumino-silicate ceramic (ASC) product with unique advantages for increasingly competitive industries, has a sphere shape that gives it performance enhanced properties. Being a 100% post-industrial material, it contributes the maximum benefit possible toward LEED project certification points. Its controlled particle range and sphere shape means that Spherix takes less resin or binder to wet out the surface than other fillers, resulting in low resin/binder demand, which allows high solids formulations, low shrinkage and lower cost.

Benefits for plastics:

  • reduced mixing time and energy consumptionSpherix_chart
  • higher mixing, extrusion and molding rates
  • enhanced surface smoothness, reduced shrinkage, warp and mold fouling
  • greater product uniformity and batch-batch consistency
  • excellent erosion and weather resistance
  • excellent for use in fire resistant applications